Our first 4 tracks DEMO CD is out.
You can buy it for 2€ at our shows, or order it by mail (+shipping).

The Squirrel Project is a french punk rock band from Clermont-Ferrand composed of 4 nutcases (easy, right ?).
Well they basically enjoy playing music in a garage while acting like dumb-asses most of the time.
The crazy thing in it, is that it doesn't sound so bad, you might even have fun yourself !
They are barely grown up, not really mature and stuff but still their texts deal with life experiences -among other stuff-, that unfortunately aren't always easy to get over.
The aim is to deal with it with hindsight and fun, knowing everything sounds better when it brings people together.
That's why songs are energetic and positive, and will certainly remind you of your uni years, with the backpack, maybe skateboard and surely beers.
If that sounds good to you, just grab them all back, come as you are and let’s enjoy the moment.


mail : contact@thesquirrelproject.com
tel : +336 67 22 36 08 (Antoine)